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How to make Espresso Coffee at home without Machine

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Espresso is a highly concentrated coffee beverage made up exclusively of coffee and water. Espresso is basically just really strong coffee. It is usually made in a machine that uses very high pressure to force hot water through a tightly packed basket of finely ground coffee over a short time span. The resultant drink has a foamy surface layer known as the crema which is difficult to achieve with alternative brewing methods.

I’m a coffee lover and prefer strong coffee most of the times. And due to busy working schedule and without machine , I love to make this frothy coffee without machine. This recipe was shared by my sister, and we enjoy it specially during winters when we are together.

How to make Espresso Coffee at home without Machine

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Coffee is loved by everyone, all the year round. I’m sharing this simple Espresso coffee recipe without machine



  • In a mixer blend Milk, coffee and sugar. Once it blends well, transfer it to a pan.
  • Give it a boil.
  • Serve in coffee cups, and sprinkle some drinking chocolate powder

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