Egg Replacements in Baking

How to Substitute Egg in Baking

Eggs are used in baking mostly for two reasons

  1. It acts as a binding agent (hold the recipe together )
  2. It acts a leavening agent (it helps to rise )

But in many countries, people don’t eat eggs because:

  • Don’t know How long do eggs Last? and their shelf life, storage, expiration
  • Nobody knows the source of eggs in which conditions they are produced.
  • They are administered harmful medicine generally antibiotics colistin, which if transferred to humans can produce harms to kidney and liver

    So, why eat eggs when there are so many replacements of eggs, some are commercial and others can can be made at home from nuts, fruits and vegetables. Lets have a look at all these substitutes
Egg Replacements in Baking

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